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One tried to raise his concern but is framed in a couple’s murder. Another started to dig for the truth and it’s his journey on how he’s getting too close to the heat.

lcOscar Brooks is a London newspaper journalist covering the biggest story rocking the city: A well-loved publicity agent has been brutally murdered and the perpetrator is to be sentenced.

Oddly enough, the perpetrator had held a position of great responsibility: Running the British embassy in Greece. He decided to quit his senior role to hopefully promote his book through his publicity agent.

Since Oscar wants to investigate the murderer’s origins, he gets confronted by a woman offering her services to get to the truth. He also meets smartly dressed men warning him to stay away. That only encourages him to dig further. Nevertheless, the more he uncovers, the more people around him will die. It’ll lead to a heavy price which makes him question its worth and there’s no turning back. Read how the journalist is taken on a ride that escalates violently as he gets taken on by an unknown fraternity: From a terrifying car-chase to guns blazing.

Of course, Oscar must find safe-haven or lose everything. It’s an all-new thriller set to keep you wondering to the bitter-end.


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