Who I am

I’m for one love creating aura in contemporary suspense and thrillers.

im game

My love in writing does have a humbled beginning once my mother bought my first graphic novel Thor  and Black Panther during my nursery?! It began my journey to read a diverse number: Judge Dread; Slaine; ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper, Bad Company etc. It wouldn’t end there as I took up role-playing game novels too and my favourite one was Cavern of the Snow-Witch — I remember my grandmother warned me that I would become a nobody if I continue wasting my time on my leisure reading yet my Grandfather was all game though.

The journey continues when I’d took the novelty in designing a comic-strip of a mysterious superhero that wore slick Ray Ban glasses. I only completed a page but went back to reading graphic novels and role-playing. In my late teens, I’d abandoned it all to pursue my heart’s desire to go raving at outdoor events up and down the country as a rebellious student. All the way to take on mechanical engineering until I saw no sense to continue.

When wisdom shone upon my face, I took up the novelty to complete my first book project: Earth & Mars. I use the term that wisdom shone upon my face after I’ve read reference books on industrial and commerce revolutions and ancient mythologies. It made me realize the importance as an individual — and family setback to not have any encouragement to fulfill my science degree. Dare I say that I took on a lot of different topics too: Age of Enlightenment; the etymology of Latin and Greek words in the English language; biblical passages, and Socrates. Oh yes, not forgetting the English and Italian Renaissance.

My now self-published novels will be a great joy to feast your eyes upon. So take on the excitement like no other person. And finally, I really hope that you’ll enjoy your visit here.