The Negro Master


British Man-of-War

Let’s look into the past. Not too far back to the time where scientists and clerics debate on where the spark of civilization began. It’s a time when the British Empire ruled the waves. The time beyond the Renaissance. It’s the time when the Bible was to be considered has conceivable than abstruse and it’s the time when slavery was rife.

Pope Nicholas V

An intellect can easily argue that slavery is an ancient trade. Others may see it as the oppression on the African race. Yes, the time when the Church considered slavery as a means to an end and approved by Pope Nicholas V.  I should feel violated since my ancestors worked in sugar cane fields, serving meals for their masters and making rum. The time when the masters were White, isn’t it?

In Jamaica, the Williams family had wealth. Their income came from the sugar industry and they were black. Let me reiterate: Black! So how can it be? It all began with John and Dorothy. A couple set free by their former slave master. They in turn had a child named Francis Williams. He became highly educated individual who took on the challenge to go to England. It’s known that he attended Grammar School and even went to Cambridge University — the odd thing is that his truancy isn’t recorded and his degree. Then he returned to Jamaica where he was also known as a poet. Strange as it may sound, being a poet had it privileges as being classical  which meant you can lead by example (Look into the backbone of the Nazis movement admiring Richard Wagner the anti-semite). It’s an art to join the classical literature like Jane Austin; Charles Dickens HG Wells etc ( White writers in their own right). Francis Williams’s work is in Latin.

Francis Williams

If I’m supposed to look up to him as a writer, why on earth haven’t I translated this into that dead language?

If I dare to defend my actions, we must endorse his christian name: It’s late Latin meaning Frenchmen. Also, his surname which is Germanic and made popular in the West since 1066Ad conquest by the French Duke. It’s the thought to consider that Francis Williams was alive and kicking before the French Revolution. Of course, before the Age of Enlightenment  and the emancipation on African slavery.

So is it fair to say  and admire him as a Master who could have easily enslaved my ancestors, or were my ancestors the masters?

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