Richard Nixon

president-richard-nixon-100-birthdayHe was a phoenix after the assassination of Kennedy; the real contender for the US Presidency. He may even see himself as the old guard in the sixties that believed in the Vietnam war; bringing the fight against communism, and a Republican. The man who had it all: The White House, being re-elected as the US President of the United States and a high-popularity rating. He would have completed two Presidential terms like Obama, Bush and Reagan. Of course, the Watergate scandal bought him down.

Despite his success, he was paranoid on what his opponents were thinking so he bugged them: The Democratic Party; news-reporters and even his own staff!

Unlike a spy thriller, the intelligence that he received wasn’t used to kill anybody but to be one-step-ahead of them. Such knowledge would have created self-awareness on how to attack and defend himself in public.

The point that I want to empathize is of the Journalists that made Nixon uncomfortable and threatened. They’re the people that we see who have our best interests at heart. Yet, some reporters were closely monitored by him. So imagine this, the reporters wanting to write a report that Nixon was going to spend more money on the Vietnam war; Nixon would be confident to say that he has a frugal policy to end the war soon! Or even, the reporters had a whistle-blower against Nixon administration wanting to remain anonymous but Nixon now had that identity! It made Nixon seem a clever dick; the man who was more professional then those who write!

Well, of course, that was until some of Nixon’s agents were caught having unauthorized access at the Watergate building owned by the Democratic Party. The first impression of their capture was that they were burglars. Then it became evident that they worked for the Nixon administration! That in itself led to the Senate Watergate Committee. The Senate Watergate Committee demanded his secret tapes which left them horrified. Shortly afterwards, Richard Nixon — also known as Tricky Dicky — resigned. Yes, the pressure was on him to go because he was bugging people illegally that weren’t criminals (suspects), spies, or even terrorists!

There was an outcry which can be heard in protest songs:

Country Joe McDonald “Tricky Dicky”

tricky dickie
You’ve Nixon’s vote!

As you may imagine, this is about Richard Nixon that we ought to address. He has an infamous legacy; we’re still hearing stories where American agents were –and perhaps are still– phone tapping journalists etc.

So watch out for the man talking behind your back and making ambiguous claims!





There has been little exposure of a title that I hope you’ll enjoy:

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